Rural Water Resources Planner: Saskatchewan

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Most of Saskatchewan is underlain by up to 300 m of glacial sediments. These sediments are an important source of water for farms and municipalities. Sources are found in three distinct aquifers. The first are from sand and gravel layers found deposited within the sediments These aquifers are quite variable in size and can be vulnerable to changes in precipitation. The second are buried valley complexes or preglacial valleys cut into the bedrock and infilled with glacial deposits. These aquifers are generally high yielding and have been extensively mapped. The third are preglacial bedrock aquifers surface laid down by ancient seas. They are generally quite deep and more drought proof, but are of poor quality due to high mineral or salt contents.

Well Data

The Saskatchewan Watershed Authority (SWA) Observation Well Network webpage provides descriptions and hydrographs for 72 observation wells located across Saskatchewan. 

The Ground Water Information Services webpage assists the public with enquiries regarding groundwater potential and water well maintenance and groundwater protection including well problem diagnosing, treatment methods and decommissioning procedures.

Aquifer Maps and Assessments

The Saskatchewan Watershed Authority Ground Water Mapping initiative is being carried out to further define the bedrock geology, map the extent of potential water bearing zones in the glacial deposits and illustrate the location, extent, and depth of potential aquifers throughout Saskatchewan.

The Regional Groundwater Resource Assessments page discusses the regional assessements that are being conducted to provide information on geology and hydrogeology, water quality, yield, use and potential contamination sources. 

A list of available geology and groundwater reports can be obtained by searching the Government of Saskatchewan's Publications Centre

Groundwater Quality

The Saskatchewan Watershed Authority Water Monitoring and Assessment page provides information on water well testing, shock chlorination, and the Rural Water Quality Advisory Program which provides assistance for sampling and analyzing water from private water supplies, and advises on the health and aesthetic implications of the analysis. 

The Department of Health provides access to information on water quality testing and analysis on their Water Quality page.

Wells disinfection factsheets for private and health regulated water supplies are available on the Saskatchewan Watershed Authority and Health Department websites::

Well Construction and Maintenance Resource Material

The AAFC Wells for Rural Water Supplies in Saskatchewan factsheet discusses the factors that must be considered when planning and designing a well for rural water supply in Saskatchewan.

The Saskatchewan Watershed Authority Domestic Water Well Management  page provides information on water well management and decommissioning.

The Protecting Your Ground Water factsheet explains several methods that can be taken to ensure groundwater sources are maintained in the best possible manner.

The Abandonment - Test Holes and Wells (PDF) factsheet provides information on the procedures to properly seal abandoned test holes and decommission wells.