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Livestock Watering

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  • Alternatives to Direct Access Livestock Watering
    This publication provides information on the impacts of direct watering of livestock on water quality and some of the management alternatives that exist for improving water quality by restricting animal access to water bodies.
  • Winter Watering for Livestock
    This publication provides information about the impacts of direct access livestock watering on water quality. It also recommends some of the best management practices to improve water quality and winter watering.
  • Hauling Water for Watering Range Livestock
    Hauling water from a central source to livestock on the range is one option available to producers considering development of a livestock watering system.
  • Solar Powered Water Pumping Systems for Livestock Watering
    Solar-powered water pumping systems descriptions and considerations for their installation, maintenance and use are outlined.
  • Polyethylene Pipe for Pasture Pipeline Applications
    Polyethylene is often a popular pipe material for use in pasture pipeline applications.
  • Water Requirements for Pastured Livestock
    The quantity and quality of water required for livestock production are two factors to be considered when planning water supply and development for livestock.
  • Water Storage Facilities for Livestock Watering Systems
    Water storage facilities are one part of a livestock watering system that can protect source water quality and provide enhanced livestock health and productivity.
  • Pasture Pipelines - Pipe Sizes Explained
    There are many varieties of pipe available, and to ensure that all components fit together when developing a piping system, it is important to understand naming conventions when ordering pipe and fittings.
  • Water Systems for Range Livestock
    A pasture water system is one tool available to livestock producers to help them manage their resources to maximize production and protect the environment
  • Water Sources for Range Livestock
    Sources of water for range livestock can consist of a single source or a number of sources in combination.
  • Troughs for Watering Range Livestock
    A watering trough is a water container that holds water without affecting its quality and is the final component in a livestock watering system.
  • Water Powered Water Pumping Systems for Livestock Watering
    A continuously-flowing source of water may be able to harness the energy of the flowing water itself to convey water to a remote location where cattle can drink in comfort without impacting the source.
  • Livestock-Powered Water Pumps
    The most common livestock-powered pumping system is the nose pump.
  • Wind-Powered Water Pumping Systems for Livestock Watering
    Wind energy is an abundant source of renewable energy that can be exploited for pumping water in remote locations.
  • Pipelines for Watering Range Livestock
    Pipelines are ideal tools for water conveyance on farming and ranching operations which employ intensive rotational grazing systems, if the grazing area is within about 1.5 to 2 km of a source of water and/or power.
  • Stream Crossings for Cattle
    Livestock often require access to land on both sides of a stream, making crossing of the watercourse necessary.
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