Rural Water Resources Planner: Nova Scotia

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Nova Scotia

General Information

Nova Scotia Environment is responsible for the management of water resources in Nova Scotia. 

In 2010 the department completed a water resources strategy document for managing Nova Scotia's water resources. More detail can be found on the Nova Scotia's Water Resources Management Strategy webpage.

The Water for Life Water Portal website provides access to information management, mapping, communication and education materials on Nova Scotia's water resources.

Surface Water Data and Maps

Information on the surface water resources, the management and monitoring programs and regulation and policy are accessible from Nova Scotia Environment's Nova Scotia Surface Water webpage.  This webpage also provides access to information on Nova Scotia's surface water resources through links to  the Freshwater Hydrology and Freshwater Wetlands sections of the Natural History of Nova Scotia.

Surface Water Quality

Nova Scotia has a number of monitoring programs to track long-term trends in surface water quality and assess the effectiveness of their water management activities. The various programs are described and are accessible from Nova Scotia Environment's Monitoring and Reporting webpage.

Information on drinking water quality and the province's drinking water strategy is available on the Drinking Water webpage.


Water related publications are available on Nova Scotia Environment's Publications and Data, Maps and Publications webpages.