Rural Water Resources Planner: Yukon Territories

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General Information

Management of the water resources in the Yukon was transferred from the federal government to the Government of the Yukon on April 1, 2003.

There are six departments with responsibilities for Yukon water. Environment Yukon is responsible for the management of the surface water resources as discussed on the department's Water Resources page.

The YukonWater website provides information about Yukon's water resources, the uses of the water, the water management approaches, the relevant legislation and the monitoring activities.

Runoff Forecasts

Three times a year summaries are prepared of the meteorological and streamflow, and the snow depth and water equivalent conditions in a number of basins. This information is used to forecast summer runoff volumes and peak flows and is available on Yukon Environment's Yukon Snow Survey and Water Supply Forecast webpage.

Surface Water Data and Maps

The map Major Drainage Areas of the Yukon Territory is accessible from Yukon Environment's Maps (2.5 MB) and Maps and Spacial Data (19 MB) webpages.

In 1974 the federal Department of Indian Affairs and Northern Development initiated the collection of hydrometric records in the Yukon to provide short term project oriented information of flow characteristics for small drainage basins. Subsequently the program was expanded at the request of private and other agencies to meet development pressures. The information collected to 2004 is summarized in the Yukon Water Resources Hydrometric Program Historical Summary 1975 to 2004 which can be accessed from Environment Yukon's Maps and Spacial Data webpage.

Surface Water Quality

The Yukonwater website provides access to information on the water monitoring and data collection activites in the Yukon on the Monitoring Yukon Water webpage.


Water-related publications are available on Environment Yukon's Plans and Reports webpage and the Resources webpage of the Yukonwater website.