Rural Water Resources Planner: Saskatchewan

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General Information

The Saskatchewan Watershed Authority is responsible for management of surface and groundwater resources.

Realtime Data / Runoff Forecasts

The Saskatchewan Watershed Authority River Forecast Centre prepares the Climate Conditions and Provincial Streamflow Forecast for Saskatchewan on a monthly basis. The Provincial Forecast webpage provides forecasts of expected flow conditions on the major river basins.

The Saskatchewan Watershed Authority Operations Division's Stream Flows and Lake Levels webpage provides current water resource conditions in Saskatchewan.

Flood Awareness

The Saskatchewan Watershed Authority's Water Conveyance and Flood Control Channels webpage details the infrastructure works that are used to manage flows and water levels.

Drought Awareness

Current and historical precipitation data is available Saskatchewan Watershed Authority's Climate Conditions webpage.

Drainage Boundaries

A map of the major watersheds and drainage boundaries is available on Saskatchewan Watershed Authority's Provincial Forecast webpage.

Digital data for the delineation of drainage areas for various Saskatchewan drainage basins are available from Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada's Agri-Geomatics data library.

Surface Water Data and Maps

The Annual Unit Runoff of the Canadian Prairies, PFRA Hydrology Report #135, 1994 (PDF) was a study to evaluate the annual unit runoff for various exceedence levels across the prairies. Maps showing isopleths for the various exceedance levels are included in the report.

Stream flow and water level data is collected at hydrometric gauging stations to monitor the current water resource conditions in Saskatchewan. The near real-time stream flows and water levels are provisional and subject to revision and can be found at the Stream Flows and Lake Levels page.

Surface Water Quality

Saskatchewan's State of the Watershed Report provides indicators to assess the state of the current health of  the province's watersheds.

Reports, Facts Sheets and Forms

Water-related information is available from a number of webpages on the Saskatchewan Watershed Authority website: