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The Tools Section provides access to various calculators and tools designed to aid in planning, developing, and maintaining sustainable water supplies:

Surface Water Supply 

  • Dugout Calculator
    This tool will calculate the storage volume and dimensions of a dugout.
  • Reservoir Calculator
    This tool will calculate the storage volume and earthwork quantities for a dyked storage reservoir.

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Sustainable Water Well Tools

The Sustainable Water Well Tools are a group of tools that help well owners understand, monitor and maintain the performance and water quality of their wells.

  • Water Level Charting
    This tool creates a time-graph of water levels and other key components of water wells.
  • Well Construction Tool- (Future Tool)
    To aid the understanding of well construction, this tool creates unique well construction drawings from information provided on the drilling report of the well construction.
  • Water Well Disinfection Calculator
    This calculator incorporates a pH adjustment to calculate the volumes of chlorine and vinegar necessary for optimal disinfection of water 
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Excel Spreadsheet Tools (for internal AAFC use except as noted)

Type Tool Description Developer/
Hydrology Runoff Calculator Compares three runoff calculation formulas B. Bell
Dugout Water Supply Water supply calculator for dugouts B. Bell
Dugout_1 Calculates a dugout storage-elevation curve & earthwork quantities B. Bell
Reservoir Curve Reservoir storage flooded area curve calculation and plot B. Bell
Gross Evaporation Monthly gross evaporation calculation and plot B. Bell
Exceedence Curve Runoff exceedance curve calculation and plot B. Bell
Flood Frequency Runoff frequency calculation and plot B. Bell
K Factor k-factor derivation for drawing hydrographs in "HYDRGRPH" program B. Bell
Plot Monthly Table Plots a table of monthly values B. Bell
Table to Single Column Converts a table of monthly values into a single column B. Bell
Single Column to Table
Converts a single column of data into a table of monthly values  B. Bell
Prairie Drainage Areas Table of drainage areas for prairie metering stations (2008) B. Bell
Water Supply & Flood Peak Water supply and flood peak potential (SDDM method) calculator B. Bell
Return Period Plots return period of manually inputted values A. Cole
Flood Route Reservoir flood routing B. Bell
Spillway Rating Curve Plots spillway rating curve B. Bell
Hydraulics Destratify Design air systems to destratify water bodies R. Powley
Wetland Preliminary wetland sizing R. Powley
Culvert Culvert hydraulics R. Powley
Air Diffuser Air diffuser pipe sizing R. Powley
Dugout_2 Calculates dugout storage-elevation curve, earthwork quantities & pneumatic mixing requirements R. Powley
Infiltration Gallery Design calculations for infiltration galleries R. Powley
Stepped Spillways Hydraulic design of stepped spillways R. Powley
Infuser Manifold Infuser manifold hole layout design R. Powley
Particle Settling Basin Particle settling basin design R. Powley
Pipe Friction Charts Pipe friction loss charts for water and air R. Powley
Plunge Pool Plunge pool design below circular conduits R. Powley
Rock Chute Riprap and Chute sizing for a rock chute R. Powley
Weir Re-aeration Calculation of dissolved oxygen concentrations at a weir R. Powley
Pumping Parameters Calculation of various hydraulic pumping parameters R. Woelcke
Pasture Pipeline Design and costing of pasture pipeline systems R. Woelcke
Earthwork Dugout/Reservoir
 (xlsm, 2 MB)
Balanced earthwork design of dugouts and Irrigation reservoirs J. Zyla
Small Earth Dam
(internal AAFC)
Small Earth Dam
(public version)
 (xlsm, 0.5 MB)
Small dam earthwork and cost calculator J. Zyla

    * No longer with AAFC

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