Rural Water Resources Planner: Quebec

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About 20% or 1.5 million Quebec  residents (2002) obtain their drinking water from groundwater sources.

An overview of groundwater ownership, use, quality and knowledge is available on the Ministère du Développement durable, de l’Environnement et des Parcs Water Management in Quebec- Public Consultation Document- Groundwater theme page. The following additional information is available from the Groundwater menu tab on that page.
  • A guide to well testing and interpretation (French)
  • Groundwater Catchment Supply and Protection Areas (French)
  • Hydrogeological Information System (French)
  • The Groundwater Catchment Regulation (French) (English)
  • Quebec underground water monitoring network (French)
The quality of my well water page discusses the obligations of individual well owners and small water systems (serving less than 21 persons) for ensuring the quality and saftey of the water supply. The discussion includes potential contaminants and water testing.