Rural Water Resources Planner: New Brunswick

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New Brunswick

Over 60% of New Brunswick's residents receive their drinking water from a groundwater source.

Well Data

Water levels for selected well locations to track groundwater conditions can be found at the New Brunswick Environment Water Quantity Information page.

Groundwater Quality

The results of a pilot project to promote testing of private drinking is provided in an on-line report, Know Your H2O Domestic Water Quality Monitoring Pilot Project.

A number of fact sheets are available at the Water page of New Brunswick Environment.

Water Well Publications

A number of water well publications and resources are available at the Water page of New Brunswick Environment.

The New Brunswick Environment Industry Association's publication, About Your Well (PDF), provides an overview of groundwater, development of a groundwater source, water quality issues and testing and maintenance of water wells and water systems.

Well Construction and Maintenance Resource Material

A number of New Brunswick Environment factsheets are available: Details on the regulations pertinent to the construction of water wells in the province can be found in the Water Well Regulation - Clean Water Act.

Groundwater Related Associations

The New Brunswick Groundwater Association website provides information for the well construction industry.