Rural Water Resources Planner: British Colombia

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British Colombia

General Information

The Water Stewardship Division of the Ministry of the Environment is the agency responsible for the management of water resources in British Columbia. Information on water in British Columbia is presented for four topic areas Water Rights and Legislation, Planning, Protection and Sustainability, Science and Information, and Public Safety.

Realtime Data / Runoff Forecasts

The Water Inventory Data Management (WIDM) system provides access to hydrometric, automated snow pillow, manual snow surveys, observation wells and automated water quality data.WIDM functions and data are available to government employees, external agencies and contractors who have delegated access. 

The River Forecast Centre of the Ministry of Forests, Lands and Natural Resource Operations collects and interprets hydrologic information (snow, meteorological, and streamflow). It also provides warnings and forecasts of stream and lake runoff conditions around the province.

Flood Awareness

Flood advisories and warnings are available on the River Forecast Centre Current Warnings and Advisories webpage.

Flood plain mapping information is available on the Water Stewardship Division Floodplain Mapping webpage.

Drought Awareness

The provincial Drought Information webpage provides information on current drought conditions, the province's drought plans, and various resource materials to conserve water and mitigate and understand drought. 

Drainage Boundaries

The BC Water Resources Atlas provides a basemap of the province showing the major water shed boundaries and community watersheds.

Surface Water Data, Maps, and Reports

Surface water data and resource materials are available:

Surface Water Quality

General water quality information, water quality reports, guidelines, area specific reports and related information are available at the Environmental Protection Division's Water Quality webpage.

Surface Water Facts Sheets

The Ministry of Agriculture and Lands provides a number of  water-related publications on the Water section of the Publications and Conceptual Plans webpage. Topics include: water management, drainage, irrigation, farm water supply, livestock watering, drought, water conservation.